60. Tour of Malopolska


ART. 1. Organization

60. Tour of Malopolska is organized by Malopolska Cycling Federation under the regulations of the International Cycling Union. It will take place on 3 – 5 June 2022 and will consist of 3 stages.

Adress of the organizer: 31-971 Krakow, os. Zielone 25 phone: 48 695 269 696; e-mail: marek.kosicki@mzkol.pl. website: www.tourofmalopolska.eu.

Co-organizer of the race are: Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Małopolskiego; Urząd Miasta i Gminy in Myślenice, Urząd Miasta i Gminy in Wieliczka, Urząd Miasta i Gminy in Niepołomice, Urząd Miasta in Nowy Targ, Urząd Gminy in Jabłonka, Urząd Gminy i Miasta in Stary Sącz.

ART. 2. Race type

The event is open to athletes of the Elite and Under-23 (born 2003 and older). The race is registered in the UCI Europe Tour Calendar as a class ME 2.2 and, in accordance with article 2.10.008 of the UCI regulations ,competitors will gain points for UCI Europe Tour ranking as follows:

  • 40,30,25,20, points for first 10 riders in the final general classification
  • 7,3,1 points for the winners of a stages and prolog
  • 1 point for the leader of the general classification.

ART. 3. Participation

60. Tour of Malopolska is open for 2 Professional Continental Teams, for Continental Teams, national, regional and club teams according to article 2.1.005 of UCI regulations. Foreign national, regional and club teams need the authorization of their own National Federations for the race. Number of riders in a team is 6 according to article 2.2.003 of UCI regulations.

ART. 4. Race headquarter

The race headquarter (Race Office) will be open on 2-nd June from 13.00 to 15.00 in Cracow, “Hotel Fero Express”, Bolesława Śmiałego street 60. Distribution of race numbers will be held at the Race Office hours 13.00 14.30.

Presentation of the teams at 17.00 in Cracow Main Squere.

Team Managers’ Meeting, organized in accordance with article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulations, in the presence of the members of the Commissaires Panel, will take place on 3-rd June at 9.00 in Cracow, “Hotel Fero Express”, Bolesława Śmiałego street 60.

ART. 5. Radio Tour

Organizer secures the Radio Tour service for all team vehicles in convoy. The radio recorders will be issued 3-rd June in Fero Express Hotel at 8.00 – 11.00. Fraquency rodio tour 168,512 MHz.

ART. 6. Neutral technical support

The neutral support will be comosed of 3 neutral vehicles.

ART. 7. Individual general classification „ MAŁOPOLSKA” (white jersey with strips)

Classification will be lead according to UCI rules art. 2.6.015.

ART. 8. Climbers’ classification (green jersey)

On the mountains’ sprints points will be scored as follows:

  • to the 1st: 3 points
  • to the 2nd: 2 points
  • to the 3rd: 1 point

Classification will be lead according to UCI rules art. 2.6.017

ART. 9. Sprint classification (orange jersey)

On the finishing line of the 2-nd stage and on intermediate (flying) sprints competitors will gain points:

  • to the 1st: 3 points
  • to the 2nd: 2 points
  • to the 3rd: 1 point

Classification will be lead according to UCI rules art. 2.6.017.

ART. 10. Riders U – 23 classification “TOUR OF MALOPOLSKA FRIENDS” (black/white jersey)

Competitors born in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 will be situated in this classification.

ART. 11. Team classification „GAZETA KRAKOWSKA”

According to article 2.6.016 UCI regulations team classification will be lead after each day based on three best individual times of team competitors and after the stages based on added team stage times.

ART. 12. The order of the jerseys

In case of leading in multiple classifications the order of the jerseys is as follows in the statute art. 7 – 10.

ART. 13. Bonuses

Time bonuses will be given according to 2.6.019 UCI rules:

  1. on intermediate sprints: 3,2,1 sec. for 3 best riders;
  2. on stage finishes – 10,6,4 sec. for 3 best riders

ART. 14. Race incidens in the last 3 kilometres

On 2-nd stage in case of duly noted fall, puncture or mechanical problem in the last 3 km, rider who take part in the accident will have the same taime of stage completation as the riders who directly followed them. If this rider cannot cross finishing line, he will be classiffled at the last in this stage but in time of his group.

This rule not obligate in 1-st and 3-rd stage finishing in top of mauntain.

ART. 15. Time limit

Time limit is 10 % with maximum of 15 minutes. It is in force in the whole distance. Time limit might be changed only in exsceptional cases, unpredictable and of force majeure, by the Commissaires Panel with agreement of the organizer according to the art.2.6.032.

ART. 16. Up-hills and down-hills

In the race there are stip uphills and downhills.

ART. 17. Antidoping control

The UCI antidoping regulations are entirely applicable to the event. Moreover, and in conformity with the low of Poland, the Polish antidoping low and regulations are applicable in addition to the UCI antidoping regulations.

ART. 18. Official ceremonies

According to art. 1.2.112 UCI regulations, after arrival to the finish of each stage 3 best competitors and leaders of individual, points and mountain classifications are obliged to report for the award ceremony in place shown in regulation. 15 minutes before the start of each stage the presentation of leader of U-23 classification and team winners of the previous stage will take place.

ART. 19. Penalties

Penalties according to UCI regulations.

ART. 20. Safety of riders

Race will run in limited road traffic – lateral and opposite traffic is closed for the time of passage of the leading riders and the bunch. Riders behind the main group are obligated to ride on the right side of the road according to road rules. All participants must have personal medical insurance and vehicles insurance on their own.

ART. 23. Prizes (in POLISH ZLOTY) 10% tax

In spedial classifications
  • 500 PLN
  • 300 PLN
  • 200 PLN
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