Criterium Gold Ring of Cracow


ART. 1. Organizer

37-th Criterium is organized by Małopolski Zwiazek Kolarski under the regulations of the Polish Cycling Federation. It take place 2nd June 2022. Address of the organizer: 31-971 Krakow, os. Zielone 25 phone: 48 695 269 696; e-mail: website:
Co-organisers are: Urząd Miasta Krakowa, Zarząd Infrastruktury Sportowej Kraków, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Małopolskiego.

ART. 2. Participation and Race headquarter

Criterium is open to teams taking part in 60.Tour of Malopolska. Presentation of the teams at Cracow Market Squere is obligatory. The race headquarters shall be open on 2-nd June from 14.00 to 15.00 in Cracow, “Hotel Fero Express”, Bolesława Śmiałego street 60.

ART. 3. Classifisation and technical service

Distance criterium is 27 laps round Market Squere in Cracow = ca 17 km. Points 5-3-2-1 in each 5 laps and laps 26 and 27.
Technical box is near finishing line area, after puncture or fall – max 2 laps free.
12 the best riders in criterium take part in 2nd part of the race – elimination race 11 laps.

ART. 4. Ceremony

Before the Criterium teams will take part in presentation at 17.30. Start criterium at 18.00.
After the Criterium the following riders must attend the official ceremony: the first 3 winners of the elimination race, the and the best rider U-23.

ART. 5. Security

During the criterium traffic will be closed.
Organiser is not responsible for any accidents caused by race participants or those in which they were involved.

ART. 6. Commissaires Panel

Commisaire Panel will be appointed by Polish amd Malopolska Cycling Federation.

ART. 7. Doctors

Doctor and ambulans – near finishing line.

First medical add – Krakowskie Pogotowie Ratunkowe – ul. Łazarza 3, tel. 112

ART. 8. Prizes

Prizes for riders taking part in elimination race: I – Golden Ring of Cracow and 1.200 zł, II – 1.100 zł, III – 1.000 zł, IV – 900 zł, V – 800 zł, VI – 700 zł, VII – 600 zł, VIII – 500 zł, IX – 400 zł, X – 300 zł, XI – 200 zł, XII – 100 zł.

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